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    Default FocusMax run-time error 91

    See attached jpeg. I have been getting this error over and over. Sometimes I can restart the system to work properly, but not tonight...four times in a row failure.

    And this is the error I get in the plan-specific log for ACP:

    01:44:53 Start slew to AY_Psc...
    01:44:54 (wait for slew to complete)
    01:44:55 (slew complete)
    01:44:55 Target is now centered.
    01:44:55 (long exp, no orbital tracking, trying to autoguide)
    01:44:55 Switching from C to V filter for imaging
    01:44:55 Focus change of 1 steps required
    01:45:13 **Script Error (Tracking has been stopped)**
    01:45:14 Source: FocusMax
    01:45:15 Message: Application-defined or object-defined error at line 1236 column 5.
    ACP console log closed 17-Feb-2011 01:45:22 UTC

    Sometimes I get this error in the high-level log:

    16-Feb-2011 01:52:04.3: Plan L1022_IRS has Monitor Mode. Time to resubmit it.
    16-Feb-2011 01:52:04.3: Plan MIS_V1294 has Monitor Mode. Time to resubmit it.
    16-Feb-2011 01:52:04.3: Plan V1647_ORI has Monitor Mode. Time to resubmit it.
    16-Feb-2011 01:52:04.4: ++ Observatory Startup ++
    16-Feb-2011 01:52:04.4: Startup attempted, but no StartupObs script found
    16-Feb-2011 01:52:04.4: ++ Auto Focus ++
    16-Feb-2011 01:52:04.4: Doing initial autofocus.
    16-Feb-2011 01:52:04.4: Start special ACP AutoFocus script for scheduler
    16-Feb-2011 01:55:40.2: Next periodic autofocus at 16-Feb-2011 15:55:40 UTC
    16-Feb-2011 01:55:41.2: Dispatcher cycle time: 1.078125 sec.
    16-Feb-2011 01:55:41.2: Acquire data for Observation MIS_V1294...
    16-Feb-2011 01:55:41.2: (16 sets)
    16-Feb-2011 01:55:41.3: Send Observation MIS_V1294 to ACP Sequencer
    16-Feb-2011 01:55:41.3: WARNING: Failed to start ACP script (0)
    16-Feb-2011 01:55:41.3: Observatory is currently in use
    16-Feb-2011 01:58:07.5: Data acquisition failed for Observation MIS_V1294.
    16-Feb-2011 01:58:07.5: (ACP reported Imager system failure. See run log.)
    16-Feb-2011 01:58:08.0: Dispatcher cycle time: 0.296875 sec.
    16-Feb-2011 01:58:08.0: Acquire data for Observation IRAS00470+6429...
    16-Feb-2011 01:58:08.0: Send Observation IRAS00470+6429 to ACP Sequencer
    16-Feb-2011 01:58:08.0: WARNING: Failed to start ACP script (0)
    16-Feb-2011 01:58:08.0: Observatory is currently in use
    16-Feb-2011 01:58:10.4: Dispatcher stopped at 16-Feb-2011 01:58:10 UTC
    16-Feb-2011 01:58:10.4: **DISPATCHER INTERRUPT LEVEL 1 RECEIVED**
    16-Feb-2011 01:58:35.7: REQUEST ABORTED: The dispatcher was interrupted and aborted this ACP run
    16-Feb-2011 01:58:35.7: Data acquisition failed for Observation IRAS00470+6429.

    FocusMax is 3.5.94. Acquire star works just fine under control of ACP (or manually)...but when it comes to the first filter change for an imaging plan (and use of a filter offset value)....things hang up and when I click on the error message box...FocusMax crashes and disappears.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Tom Krajci
    Cloudcroft, New Mexico

    Center for Backyard Astrophysics (CBA) CBA New Mexico

    American Association of Variable Star
    Observers (AAVSO): KTC



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