Hi, I'm an existing ACP customer. Primarily involved in surveying. I have an idea about dynamically assigning targets. What I'd like to do is use some self written algorthims to choose a target of opportunity (maybe via a custom dll) and dynamically assign this to the observatory. The workflow would be;

Choose target one;
Image target one;
Use custom logic to choose target two (using a Just in time approach)
assign target two;
image target two;
rinse and repeat;.

I hope you see where I'm going with this. I'm thinking of two possible solutions;

1; Writing a custom ACP script, perhaps a variant of acquireimages.js
2; Purchasing ACP Scheduler to do this.

Clearly option one would be my preferred approach. I'm not afraid of a bit of coding so this wouldn't be a problem. I'd be grateful for any feedback on what might be the best approach to take.