That sounds convenient.

What I would like to do is to have a script that will connect Maxim to the camera, and chill the camera to n degrees, n being the value in the command line switch. This way I can calculate the difference in ambient temperature to my target (usually 30 C below to start) and have that be part of the command line.

I realize ACP supports the # CHILL Directive, and I use that often, but this would allow me to use my own program that can switch power on to the camera, and to also intelligently chill it to a reasonable temperature based on the current OAT.

Set a limit of 5 minutes in the script to achieve the target temperature, and then just allow the camera to stay connected to Maxim, and wait for me to run a plan with ACP.

I have fooled with modifying existing scrips, but they all usually end up disconnecting from the camera after the target is reached.

Any suggestions on simple scrips that might accomplish the above?

Bob, if this is a good bit of work, I don't expect you would spend time on it of course, but if it is one of those things that could be written in your sleep it would be of great value to me!