I have been using MaximDL5, Pinpoint(full), FocusMax, and The SKY6 for over six months now. They have all been running successfully on my 64 bit laptop under Windows 7 64 bit. I have been imaging with good results using the Autosave feature of Maxim I have just downloaded and installed the trial version of ACP and Beta version 6. I am able to follow the steps in "Getting Started" and the telescope connects OK and the displays activate.

My problem occurs during "Getting Started Step 5" in paragrap1 where it says to select "ACP Telescope Hub (ASCOM)" in the ASCOM Chooser. There is no sign of the "ACP Telescope Hub (ASCOM)" entry in the ASCOM Chooser.

I have read a similar post by Gavin Boyle dated May 27, 2010. However there is no mention of a cure. Thank you.