Better late than never! Both have been added to the appropriate list for ACP:

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First, When you have a plan up, say 'M78_NGC3718', the flat plan is called 'M78_NGC3718-flats'. In the ACP browser, the flat plan always appears first in the Multiple Objects (Plan) dropdown menu. I think it's easy to accidentally load the flat plan in error and blow the run. I suppose we could do something at our end to change the naming convention so it's always second, or perhaps change the '-flats' to all caps i.e. '-FLATS' to make it more noticable. FWIW, I've only made that mistake once!

Secondly, along the same lines, the scenario is you have a flat plan for dusks (perhaps dawn as well) but you miss the window and load the plan as is. The log reports '...Completed' and the observing plan dies. I've only done that once also, and was able to go into Wordpad and take out the dusk flat call, but it might be worth considering.