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    Default New Planner w/ SkyX

    Happy new year Bob et al! I have the latest Planner and SkyX (4.2.1/10.1.9 Build 4210) on a new W7 64-bit machine and all has come together well. I am also now able to reopen and edit plans in Planner w/o an ActiveX error. One question- I don't think the time advance window is working? With the window active, any mouse wheel commands are ignored. The only change I see is if the clock is running, it advances to 'Stop', and that's it. Am I missing something? I know Bob you mentioned it working with SkyX v.10.1.10, not yet posted. Thanks! WK

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    Warren --

    Happy new year to you! TheSky X 1.1.10 doesn't exist yet, so SB allowed me to post the private build 10.1.9 (4210) for you and others. On all of the systems I tested (here and elsewhere) the time control does work as Matt Bisque said it would. I can tell you that Planner is making the calls, so something we don't understand is happening... I see you're online now, give me a bit of time to get through email and Comm Center messages and I'll call for an online session. I'm about to release this new build of Planner so I need to get to the bottom of this one.

    -- Bob
    -- Bob



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