I have perhaps noticed a bug in the ACP local time to UTC conversion for my locale. I am in a non-integer time zone (+9.5) and the ACP Observatory Control display shows the local vs UTC difference as 10 hrs. This has the unfortunate side effect of wanting to start plans a 1/2 hour late! I cannot find any special switch in the preferences to adjust for this. TheSkyv6 on the obs computer shows the correct difference using the "Tools...Computer Time" command. Am I missing something?

BTW With daylight savings currently in effect the correct difference is +10.5hrs. In the submitted plan it does say (since I set it manually):

NOTE: Local times are for observatory (UTC + 10.5)

so the ACP planner has got it figured out.


PS The ClockMon tool has a bug like this too. In windows the system clock and the RTC are different by 30 minutes in my time zone. A feature of windows perhaps? Anyways the source code was available and I modified the code to add a non-integer timezone switch. So I now have a working ClockMon app for my tz.