Cannot install the ACP Beta and cannot get new licence no to work in current ACP.
I missed this... And I just checked your records. Your licenses for Scheduler and ACP are both current! We have not processed your upgrade order of a couple of days ago. Your access to the premium sections is OK. Your ACP licence is good through 29-Sep-2011, and your license for Scheduler (now multi-observer) is good through 29-Jul-2011. I have just re-sent both licenses to you.

The new license you got is for Scheduler, to unlock the multiple-observer capability, not for ACP. Please use the ACP license I just sent and enter it into ACP 5.1. Then you will be able to install and use ACP 6. Enter the new Scheduler license I just (re) sent into Scheduler, and you'll be able to install and use Scheduler 3.3.