I have a couple of questions about FocusMax :

- when someone forgot to start FocusMax before ACP , or kill FocusMax etc. we got the Active X and/or (?) Error 13 , . The only way I found to get back the system working ok is to reboot the computer. Is there an better way to restore the system ?

- I had not switched off the TCFS focuser since weeks and I dont remember from where is coming the focus position in FocusMAx after a restart of the focuser. Sorry I dont remember. The value in memory of the TCFS ? I cannot find an "absolute" reference position defined in FocusMax (or maybe I did it during the first startup procedure ?)

- We operate with the focuser always on (no daily restart). At the end of the night the CCD is disconnected. The Focuser stays on focus postion of last filter used. When CCD is powered up, the wheels rotate and go to one given filter (always the same). But the focuser is still in FocusMax on the focus position of previous filter. Next focus offset will then be wrong ?

The FilterInfo.txt has been done since a long time and out system is working but I have to check FocusMax is starting with the right focus value.
Maybe I need to reinitialise the TCFS focuser ? (the change the offset values in the filteroffset file). THey were close to 0 for one set of filters.

- last : I noticed acquire star is looking for star sometimes very far (2 deg), then finds a lot of candidate for focus (mag 11-12) about 1000 stars and then it looks to me this is slowing down FocusMax. Is there a way to say to FocusMax to only look to a smaller field ?

Sorry if this is a bit out of topic..., I should register to FocusMax.
Maybe that will be useful to others.