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    Default Some more potential issues with ACP planner on 64 bit systems.

    I had gotten ACP planner to work with my 64 bit Win 7 configuration when using it in the normal mode. However, tonight, I tried to bring in an old plan to edit it (and tried to bring in a SkyTools list). Neither of these worked. The first gave me a combination of "Automation Error" and ActiveX can't create component.

    Neither of these mode are critical to me but I have used both in the past. I did try a couple things but neither worked.

    Something for Bob to work on in the background (yeah, what background.....).

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    Teri --

    OK... I moved this into its own thread and added the issue to Planner install problems. I have a beta in the works for TheSky X and will address these things as part of the next release:
    -- Bob



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