I have been having good success with ACP however I need some guidance on some basic operational issues. Essentially I have the following 2 questions:

1) If I bring up my observatory from a remote location, what is the work flow for selecting and performing a synch on the quide stars needed to align the mount?
It is my understanding that the plate solve and centering features of ACP do not generally operate during the initial "Slew or Synch Telescope" operations. Currently I walk outside align the mount - then use ACP for automated image acquisition.

2) I am experiencing some guiding problems that probably relate to pier flip issues with my Atlas GEM mount. I instructed Maxim to "do nothing" on a pier flip based on what I recall reading in the ACP setup instructions. Are there any additional setup steps in either Maxim or ACP required? When used independent of ACP, Maxim seems to guide properly. I did perform a guider calibration in ACP with the telescope pointing East. The guiding with ACP works, but gradually the star drifts out of the FOV of the guider (External).

Thanks for developing what seems to be fantastic software!