I'm not sure where to put this post because I don't really know if this is a Gemini or ACP problem. Two nights ago I ran a plan and it worked to perfection. It opened the roof and slewed to M76 and carried out my plan and plate solves worked great. At the end of the session it shut down actually due to a weather alert but that's ok. Tonight I go to run the same plan again but I see from inside the house the first plate solve fails. I go out to the observatory and the scope is pointing at the wall of the observatory. ????

It seems that the ra time is out by a little over four hours from it's correct position. I cleared the pointing model and synced on a star and it wanted to go off to somewhere way off for the next slew. One thing I notice is that the Gemini driver reports the opposite of what ACP sees when it states what side of the meridian it's pointing. This has got to be involved with the problem but I checked in ACP and Gemini and the time, location and date are correct.

I don't understand what would cause this. Posting the log will just say that the plate solve failed. I'm hoping someone using and MI-250 and Gemini can help here. I was just bragging about how everything for the first time went perfect two nights ago and now this.