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    Hi Bob,
    Thanks for this info, I'll take a look at this when i have the system running nicely.

    I have a bit of a problem at the minute with something else. I set up my 16'' Lx200 gps with ACP tonight. I also got ACP working with my camera via MaxIm and my Astrohaven via the ASCOM driver.

    But the telescope started doing funny things. When I slew to a new target the telescope goes there, waits a second, then starts to run east and will continue below the horizon or any limits i have set. I then have to abort the slew. Subsequent slews send the telescope off in the same manner again regardless of the RA or DEC requested. It does this also when I park the telescope.

    The time, site position etc are all set correctly I have no idea what its doing. Have you seen this before? I tried a power cycle etc but its still the same.

    Actually this has happened twice tonight. The first time i started the alignment etc all over again from scratch. It's not ideal for what will hopefully be a remote observatory lol

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