Hi guys,
I've tried to carry out a slew from ACP after a warm restart of my 16'' LX200GPS, but get the 'slew failed for unknown reason' error.

I previously parked the telescope using ACP, disconnected the telescope (and everything else), then later reconnected the telescope (and everything else) and tried the slew but got this error.

I noticed that the screen on the handbox stays at the 'Welcome to autostar II' screen and doesn't progress any further.

I found that if I park, disconnect, then power cycle the telescope, followed by connecting to ACP when the 'daylight savings' screen comes up everything is fine. I am able to slew from ACP no problem. In this case the screen on the handbox goes back to the 'Select: Object' menu once ACP is connected.

I am pretty new to this but I dont want to power cycle my scope all the time, its mounted permanently and doesn't need power cycling all the time.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.