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    Default Air mass calculator

    Never Mind this post ... I found what I need.

    Does anyone know of an online airmass calculator? Specifically - Given the Latitude and longitude of an observatory (perhaps also its altitude) and given the RA and Dec of an object and the UCT date I'd like to calculate what time that object will reach an airmass of 2.0. Perhaps someone has a spread sheet that does this.


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    Hello everyone,

    George says he found a solution, does anyone know the answer?



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    I have to apologise, as im not really sure what Im after. As a new comer the ACP Scheduler, I'm interested in the air mass range constraint, but have no idea how to use the right numbers to make it work?

    In regard to astrophotography, I was thinking this constraint may be suitable for RGB altitude setting per filter? Is this an appropriate use for this constraint type? Or is there a better way to set preferred altitudes per filter type?

    Thank you for any ideas.


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    I'm just writing as I go...

    I've found this calculator:

    Sun Position - Air Mass Calculator

    To work out the air mass number, subtract degrees from 90 [zenith] you are after and input that amount:

    Say 45 degrees is the air mass number I want, that is: 90 - 45 = 45, input 45 = air mass = 1.4142

    According to the Schedulers air mass constraint range, will this calculator suffice for altitude ranges?

    Thank you,


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    I'm hoping to alleviate this burden for you Steven!!
    -- Bob



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