I am going through the setup and have two problems.

1. In the Astro Physics GTO section, under initial setup, number 4, there is a button that says

Click this button to display AP setup window. When I click it, I get a message that ASCOM is not installed. However it is installed and if I go to Step 1: Software and Installation Check and click on the button there, it tells me ASCOM is installed.

2. When I manually open the AP setup window it is different than what the instructions say. The instructions say

  1. In the Park/Un-Park Control area, enable (check) "Slew Before Park" and disable (uncheck) "Sync Park Pos on Init".
However, these buttons do not exist. The Park/Unpark Control area only has two pulldown menus labeled "Unpark From" and "Park To".

Did AP change their setup window? Where did the "Slew Before Park" and "Sync Park Pos on Init" buttons go?