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    Default Flats with panel and related questions

    I posted this at the end of another thread but since much of it was an edit, it may have been missed by others. It is really a mostly separate issue anyway so will reiterate:

    Since I have to park to use my flat frame panel, how can one do that and then close the roof, followed by the steps needed to take the flats.

    Roof has to be closed first to avoid moths landing on the flat panel! Moths make for a lousy flat!<g>

    This would involve:

    1) Park Mount (Paramount ME) since scope points to panel in park position.
    2) Close Roof (Maxdome II)
    3) Shut down power to roof and mount (optional via power control scripts discussed on another thread)
    4) Power up flat panel (via power control scripts discussed on another thread)
    5) Take Flats (MaxIm/ACP)
    6) Turn off flat panel power (again with aforementioned scripts)
    7) Shut down camera (optional)
    8) Power off camera (optional)

    Note that depending on the night's target(s), it might also be necessary to move the rotator to several different PAs to match the images taken that night.

    I am not looking for specifics here, just two things:

    1) Can this be done?
    2) What are the general steps involved?

    Failing the ability to do this automatically at the end of a run of light/dark frames, would there be a way to manually start a new ACP session that would just do steps 4-8 above? I know that the park/roof close can be done at the end of a session so that could happen at the end of the light and dark frame plan. This way would involve waking up, but at least not for very long.
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