Hi Bob

This is my first post after recently purchasing ACP, so I just wanted to say up-front how delighted and impressed I am with ACP. I'm a software guy by profession and I've just been grinning from ear-to-ear as I read the documentation and played around: ACP is a work of ART!

I'm a relative newbie to astro-imaging (started just under a year ago) but, despite my lack of knowledge and experience (and the almost constant rain in London), I've been able to get ACP up and running and starting to take far-superior images than I could previously. It was the fact that ACP encapsulates so much best-practice knowledge that was, for me, the deciding factor in convincing me to purchase it - not only do you get automation (and an open architecture), but a built-in expert system that shows you the right way to do things!

Anyway, my question concerns a minor issue I have with editing plans using ACP Planner when I used a target name like "M 57". When creating the plan there were no issues. I used the 'Deep sky catalog lookup' option, then the 'Search Names' button. ACP Planner was able to recognize the target name (using the MiniSAC database I assume). I was then able to save and run the plan with no problems at.

However, when I tried to import the plan into Planner at a later date, I get an error:

Warning at line nn: MiniSAC is not installed, cannot validate deep sky names

This is strange because I can see that MiniSAC is installed in the ACP Planner directory (I see MiniSAC.dll and MiniSAC.dat). If I used RA/Dec coordinates in the plan then I can re-import it with no issues.

Clearly, this is a minor issues and easily gotten around, so it's no big deal. I'm just curious to see if this is an issue you've seen before.

Best wishes