Hi all,
I'm Luis Ramalho, a portuguese amateur astronomer. (My (portuguese) page: www.astrosurf.com/ramalho )
My English level is low. I apologize for any grammatical errors.
I'm new in using the ACP and I can't resolve a situation that seems a problem with the connection ACP/TheSky.When ACP executes the command "#shutdown" I get the message "Permission denied at line 1855 column 13".
The log lines are:
== Requested observatory shutdown ==
21:16:35 Parking scope.
21:16:36 **Script Error**
21:16:38 Source: TheSky
21:16:38 Message: Permission denied at line 1855 column 13.
ACP console log closed 10-Sep-2010 21:16:38 UTC

My system is:

Paramount ME

Windows7 (Portuguese)
Ascom 5.5
ACP 5.1
Ascom telescope: The Sky-controlled Telescope
Maxim v. 5.12
Focusmax 3.4.40
Ascom Dome: AstroMC Roof/Dome driver

How can I overcome the problem?
Thank you, for your precious help.

Luís Ramalho