Greetings to everyone from Vail, Arizona just East of Tucson.

I'm evaluating Pinpoint version 5.1 and have a couple of questions:

1. I am trying to evaluate the internet catalog function for the Nomad database. The plate solve stops and tells me that it cannot find an internet connection. Yet I have a very good connection as the fact I am sending this message illustrates. Are there settings I have to adjust somewhere to utilize the internet databases?

2. When I try to connect to the link on downloading and using catalogs, I get the following error message:

An internal Visual Basic error has occurred in /wsx/$webstar.exe.

3. The instructions mention that the plate solve report includes a limiting magnitude and exposure time for the image. I don't see this, although I notice there is a zeropoint value with time setting which always seems to be 1 second.

4. What is the zeropoint and time value?

I'm running all my software including Maxim DL5 on the windows XP partition of a MacBook Pro.

Bob Rieger