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    Default Pinpoint licence registration


    I'm posting here since this is the only area I can access without a current subscription.

    I'm having trouble registering my pinpoint license after having reinstalled Maxim.
    The Maxim install overwrote something such that it now complains my pinpoint trial has expired, so I reinstalled the full pinpoint and tried running the registration tool, but that won't enable the OK box after I enter all the details from my purchase email.
    There's no message to hint as to what the problem is, just no OK button.

    I'm assuming it should work despite the upgrades expiring in 2008, since the license lasts forever, right?



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    Ah, MaxIm installed PinPoint LE. And from our records here, you have an ACP license, so your PinPoint is driven off the ACP license, and the ACP license won't work in the PinPoint registration tool :-) It sounds like the MaxIm installer did something to the PinPoint license info, which should be empty. Look in the registry for HKLM\Software\Denny\PinPoint\General and remove any Serial and User info that may be there.

    Now try PinPoint.
    -- Bob

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    Default Pinpoint is registered but still having problem...


    My pinpoint license doesn't expire until 10/12/2011. I just installed the maxim 5.14 update and got the "expired" error. I then opened up the Pinpoint V5 Registration and hit ok since the info was still there. I restarted Maxim and still get the "expired" error? From what I read I don't fall into either of the situations you listed. Apparently 5.14 does have a problem.


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    Yes it does, the second issue reads
    • The second issue can possibly affect anyone who installs PinPoint 5.14 from any earlier version or from scratch.

    If you're a wiz, register the dc3reg.dll in C:\Program Files [(x86)]\Common Files. Problem solved. If you look before you register it, in OLEView, you'll see that it IS registered. But somehow it is NOT registered. We've spent much of today trying to see how InstallShield created that mess. The same DLL ships with PinPoint 5.1 and ACP 6, no problems there.

    If you're not a wiz, then wait for the fixer. We should have something tomorrow.
    -- Bob



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