Hi Bob,

I meant to tell you that I've found the Moon avoidance rules in Scheduler very useful for imaging. Narrowband filters have different sensitivities to moon light. It's a piece of cake to set up OIII images so the size and angular separation is acceptable for data capture. Same deal with -some- objects ~ maybe its just me, but I shoot bright globulars with partial moon light.

This will be my second imaging season with Scheduler (October to May) and I'm busy loading up 3.2 with my Fall and Winter Wish list. Around January, I will likely start dropping new targets in while the old ones finish.

If you can't tell, I love this product.

Let me plant a seed though: for imagers with rotators, flats management is very burdensome (with or without Scheduler). I wonder if there is a way for Scheduler to make this easier, by essentially creating flats "plans" with the same % of completion tracking scheduler does for other data.

So I have a plan for 10 flats on either side of the pier for Red at 28 degrees rotation. How many of them are done? Can I prioritize these vs Red at 45 degrees, etc. IF these flats plans could be linked to imaging plans then I would truely know when I am ready to process. Today I have to keep track of what I need and what I have on the back of an envelop.

Food for thought Mr. Denny