I am trying to obtain semi-reliable ACP runs with the Meade LX200 GPS, latest firmware, latest ASCOM, polar mounted, trained, drift aligned etc.

I am finding -and i say at the outset that i dont think this is an ACP issue - that occasionally when ACP asks the scope to slew a short distance when doing a pointing correction that the scope will slew some 30' in RA. I believe it is not ACP as I have looked at serial traces and ACP seems to be doing the right send command, Just when the Meade is finished with it the scope is this 30' out. Ongoing thread on LX200GPS Yahoo forum if anyone is interested.

These dont occur that often but the do occur most nights.

Reason for posting here is to see if there is any script workaround I might try. For example if ACP slews to position X and it ends up being many arc mins off after a correction slew is there anyway to store the before and after slew positions and for ACP to recognise that the slew hasnt gone quite right and repeat the request.

At the moment I think I can see how I get ACP to jump the object but I dont want to have my run with random missed objects.

Thanks David