I have been trying the simulators and understand most of the basics of ACP. However, the weather control puzzles me. I can get the weather simulator to abort a session and close everything down fine but how would I approach the following 2 similar scenarios?
  • I am using a roll-off roof so am using "shutter" control as the roof
  • Session planned to start at 10pm
9pm ->Clouds present ->Session (correctly) does not start
10pm -> Clouds clear -> Session could start but doesn't as start time gone

9pm -> Clear -> session start
10pm -> Clouds -> session aborts (parks, roof closes)
11pm -> Clear -> session does not resume and 6 hours or so imaging lost

The reason for this issue is that I live in the UK which is a nightmare for extremely changeable weather and it can be cloudy, raining and clear on and off during a night.

It seems that ACP is good at protecting things (ie aborting) and is well geared to a climate with steady weather but I cannot figure out how to get it to resume a session automatically (including opening the roof) after a weather nonstart/abort/shutdown.

I would have thought that some command like "wait until safe" could be a session command start with "park and close roof if unsafe" as well as "resume if safe" in there; the only wait I can see is related to waiting for a set time.

Sorry if I have misunderstood the controls or fundamentally do not understand what ACP is for but for my scenario ACP just doesn't seem to be able to automatically do what I want??? It feels if I may as well sit up at night and watch the sky