Hello everyone.

I'm in my second day of testing ACP after a period of time ( trial ) spent with sucess with CCD Autopilot and later with CCDCommander.

The first thing I noticed after setting up ACP (I hope coorectly) is that the web acces on a local machine loads really slowly when used with my Atik 314L+ Camera.
If I choose in Maxima a simulator as the main camera, then choose to Connect ACP to the Imager and press the "Use Web Browser" in ACP, the ACP website loads around 2-5second (normaly). If I choose my Atik camera in Maxim, Connect ACP to Maxim Imager and press the "Use Web Browser", the website loads around 2-3 minutes (!) and in the meantime it does not respond at all ( so does the web browser IE or Google Chrome I tried on).
If I Use Web Browser without the Imager connected it load 3-5s, if I connect the camera through the webiste it loads also quickly .... but reloading the website ( like it tells me to do ) takes again 2-3 minutes.
In IE I have chosen the lowest privacy settings, I accepted ACP as a intranet safe website. In Chrome everything is the same.
The guiding camera does not make any difference to the ACP website loading speed, if connected or not, simulator or Xpress Lodestar I use.
After waiting those 2-3 minutes for the website I can work normally, the imager works and I'm able to obtain a simple image including platesolve etc.

I use:
Maxim DL 5.0.8
Atik 314L+
Xpress Lodestar guider
Temma driver from Chuck Faranda
Windows XP SP3 EN

Thanks for any help.