I intend to install a MoonLite motorized focuser on at least one scope up here. Currently the stepper motor/controller unit is indoors for testing, and so I can learn about it, and Focus Max.

I have a tough task for this focuser.

On many nights a scope may cover hundreds of photometry targets, and use at least two filters per target (e.g. V and B, or B V R I). I would like the motorized MoonLite focuser to utilize ACP Scheduler's filter offsets (so that each filter has similar focus/FWHM) for every filter change (up to 500 on long winter nights), and at the same time use temperature compensation through the night so that I don't have to stop and refocus.

Is this possible with ACP Scheduler and Focus Max? (The MoonLite motor controller has a temperature sensor.)

Thanks in advance.