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    Hi all,

    Things have obviously changed over the last couple of years as I don't have access to much any more..... My upgrades expired 2 years ago so just wondering whats new in the ACP world and whether I need to consider upgrading again (currently running ACP 5.1 build 3)

    My observatory is still ticking away taking minor planet photometry every clear night (though no new discoveries of late). Lots of targets though and with the odd weather we have been having, much of it is in support of others (for a change).

    What I have works, but, I note that my old version does not support the new MPC numbering (extra digit I believe). Not a problem yet - but it may become a problem....

    I should point out that I am still running on a Win 2000 PC.

    Does the most recent version of ACP funtion with MaxIm DL 5?

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