There is no integration between TheSky X and Planner. I am awaiting the future version of TheSKy X which supports "scripted operation". However, you don't absolutely need integration with the planetarium. YOu can right click and enter targets manually into Planner's target list. But using a Planetarium is much more convenient!

Starry Night may be old, but they are still updating it regularly. I just talked to the head guy there at Simulation Curriculum, Dave Whipps, and they are actively supporting and improving it. Simulation Curriculum is the new company, just spun off from SPACE.COM. They are so happy... being a division of a New York media outlet was not a good thing!

I still like SNP a lot. I don't use Pro Plus as I don't use the All-Sky Image (which will really slow it down on a small machine). The only thing I don't like is that it starts up so slowly :-) But once it's running it is a dream to use.