This is probably a question for the ASCOM group, but in the event someone has seen this, or can offer any advice I'm posting here.

Using any of the set up dialogs to choose a telescope, camera or dome is causing my PC to crash and re-boot.

This is a relatively recent development, as I was obviously able to select devices when I set up the observatory and ACP some weeks ago.

All other aspects of the system are working fine. In fact, I can use ACP to control the observatory without any problems, as I had previously set up the devices within the various choosers. I've only noticed the problem today when attempting to change some of the devices to simulators in order to conduct some day time testing.

There's a brief windows blue screen with some information on it, but it disappears so quickly that I'm unable to read the output.

In all other aspects the PC seems very stable. The crash/reboot ONLY happens when I use the ASCOM chooser to select a different device (telescope, camera or dome).

Anyone ?