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    Thought I'd post the work I've done (or perhaps more correctly said "work ACP's done") over the last 2 nights.

    On Tuesday night, I took 36, 10-min luminance exposures of M 106. On Wednesday night, I took 11,11,13 10-min RGB exposures of M 106. Additionally, I took 36 more 10 min luminance exposures of 2 other targets to fill the night. That totals 108, 10 min exposures. What's unique about that is that I didn't have to throw out any of them! The posted M 106 has no cropping done whatsoever.

    It's supposed to be clear again tonight, so I'm going to try to add another 6 hours of luminance to this and see if I can tease out any more of the dim galaxy halo. The was processed on my laptop, so no guarantees on the color/brightness.

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