Here is a follow up on the AAG cloud watcher. Antonio got back to me and had me update the software to the latest release (April 2010 - weather center 2.20.320 and Cloud watcher 5.20.320). These releases fixed the problems I was having. (Latest release now is 2.20.500 and 5.20.500)

Iíve used the AAG weather center for about 6 months now, 24/7 at our remote observatory in New Mexico which is a Technical Innovations PD10 along with ACP. I tuned the system for clouds, overcast, rain, wind etc. As weather moved in and it became windy or overcast the weather center would throw the switch and ACP would run a weather safety script, homing the dome, closing the shutter and parking the scope. So far this has been very reliable. Works seamlessly with ACP.