Iím using AAG CloudWatcher for weather safety with a Ti PD10 dome.
There are a couple of software issues Iíd like to report, Iíve e mailed AAGware with no reply as yet.

This is CloudWatcher v5.20 and WeatherCenter v2.20, both beta releases. CloudWatcher acts as a weather server for ACP.

First issue; WC sends data to ACP on a user defined schedule, anywhere from once every second to 5 minuets. Problem is when the data is sent the ACP console is cleared. If you are doing a flat plan or filters and need to enter a file or # it wonít let you till the weather server is disconnected. In the image log files you can have hundreds of entries of Ďweather clearí. If you launch a plan and watch the console it clears quickly. I have set the update to every 5 minuets to kind of clear things up. This is not great as my dome is remote (New Mexico vs. CA) and the weather can change quickly so something in the 30 second frame would be better.

Second, on a weather unsafe script all worked well for the most part. The scope was parked; dome closed and homed but tracking was not turned off. ACP did show an error message of Ďscript abortí when the weather event happened

This is most certainly AAGware issues, if anyone has any ideas, Iím all ears. For now Iíll wait and see if my e mail to them gets a reply and if anyone is interested, keep you updated.