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    Default Starry Night and Planner not working

    I installed Starry Night Pro 6.3.6 on my windows XP Home laptop, then I installed ACP Planner 4.1.1. I went into Planner and updated my preferences. When I start up Starry Night as per the getting started section of the help file, I am unable to find the ACP Planner preset. I did a search of my entire computer and found no file named acpplan.plug anywhere. When I right click on an object in SN, there is no option to send it to the planner. Any ideas as to what may be wrong?


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    I am on the road so have limited time... I can't imaging why the Planner installer didn't leave a copy of the Starry Night plugin installed within Starry Night.

    Attached is a copy of AcpPlan.plug (in a zipfile). Put it into StarryNight's SkyData\Plugins folder and restart Starry Night. That should get you going.
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