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    Default Planalyzer - Minor Update

    Planalyzer has been updated to version 1.20.00.

    In this release, the program takes #AFINTERVAL periodic autofocus directives from the observing plan itself, instead of using the time specified in the Planner properties.

    Although this is a trivial change, it allows manually editing or inserting/deleting an #AFINTERVAL directive in the plan, so Planalyzer will calculate the plan duration more accurately. I figured it made no sense to take the periodic autofocus interval from the Plantar properties, when it might be different in the plan itself.

    Information about Planalyzer and a button to download this free program can be found here:


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    Mike -- This is such a neat tool! Thanks again for making it, and more importantly, making it available to others!!
    -- Bob

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    Seconded. People like Mike make the world a better place. Thanks for this great tool.



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