Hi Guys,

Am trying to set up ACP to evaluate and get the feel for the product prior to purchase.
My queries initially are I'm sure rather basic and am wondering if anyone could give me a steer. I use a Celestron CGE mount, DSI 2 pro, Atik filter wheel usb and have have remote desktop connection from warm room pc vista home to Dome pc (TI) vista ultimate.

Start up.
Cannot see anything in guide but what is the alignment process particularly with a Celestron. Using this remotely I use Nextremote to align - fine. When I load up ACP or indeed Maxim for that matter I cannot connect to the scope without trashing nextremote thus loosing my alignment. If I do not use nextremote and go straight into ACP/Maxim whilst I can nudge the Maxim HC box I cannot slew as it says not aligned and not tracking.
Can someone steer me through the initial start up process around this. Dumb question is this the 'alignment star' in the slew box?

Whilst I can get this to work it is not accessing certain files. E.g. T point will load if I'm using the main pc in dome but will not load from remote pc.

Atik filter wheel.
I seem to have to re-plug the usb cable every time I use ACP as it will not connect to camera. Once I re-plug then fine it loads - but I have to do this 'in the dome'.

Focus Max
I cannot get focus max to load at all. I see it in the 'program files' but when I click it says 'not installed' Maybe its a Vista issue? I've loaded this in a number of times.

Sorry for the basic stuff and I'm sure I'll get there in the end and top Merlin from yawning!

Thanks and regards,