I just wanted to say thank you for making ACP Scheduler (and all that goes with it: ACP, PinPoint, ACP Planner, etc.)

I'm still climbing the learning curve, but I now can give large target lists and plans to telescopes...and Scheduler maximizes data-collection.

My previous work only involved long time-series of one or two targets a night. Now I'm hosting some AAVSOnet telescopes. We've successfully run target lists with 2,000 entries...and Scheduler slows down...but it doesn't break! Amazing!

Currently the Bright Star Monitor is covering hundreds of targets a night:
http://www.aavso.org/news/bsm.shtml and I'm setting up two other AAVSOnet scopes for similar operation: a C11/CGE mount and a 12-inch LX-200.

The future looks bright for backyard science.

Thanks again!

Tom Krajci
Cloudcroft, New Mexico

Center for Backyard Astrophysics (CBA)
http://cbastro.org/ CBA New Mexico

American Association of Variable Star
Observers (AAVSO): KTC http://www.aavso.org/