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    Default Guiding Mod to AcquireSupport.wsc

    Hi all,

    I posted this mod a couple of years ago. Since then, a couple of variables have changed their names so the old version no longer works.

    This mod adds a bit of logic to the guide exposure calculation process. Specifically, it:

    1) Tries to optimize between the guide exposure length and the SNR. The idea is that under some conditions, you'd prefer a somewhat longer guide exposure to get a higher SNR.
    2) It increases the Aggressiveness setting in MaxIm as the guide exposure gets longer.
    3) It modifies the Aggressiveness settings for an AOx depending on the guide expsoure length.

    A more complete description plus all the parameter settings are documented within the mod itself. While I think the parameters I use (and are the ones you'll see in the mod) should work for many people, I suspect some experimentation will be necessary to optimize for every setup. To use, edit AcquireSupport.wsc and insert the mod in the indicated spot.

    I've been using this basic mod for a number of years now, so I'm confident that it works - at least for me! While I don't think the guiding improvements are dramatic, I do think I get a little bit better guiding with this modification under certain situations.


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