Not a lot of other thoughts. FocusOffsets.vbs script is pretty straightforward to use. (Thanks, Bob!)

If your filters are specified parfocal, and if your script run in fact delivers very low focus-position shifts between them (less than say 0.3 pixels HFD based on the V-curve), then you can manually set their focus offsets to zero. Doesn't sound like that's your case across the board, though.

Watch out for temperature shifts during FocusOffsets run. Try to run the script when the temperature is more constant than usual, and when the OTA has temperature equilibrated. This minimizes errors due to temp shifts, and keeps convection fuzz out of the defocused star images (helping FocusMax a lot). Note that the script as delivered always runs the filters in the same order, reference filter first, so the later filters in the list will end up with biased offsets if temps have shifted at all in the intervening time. (I've experimented with a script version that alternates the filter order every pass, causing first-order temp shifts to cancel at a small cost in precision.)