Have finished installing and setting up new computer and made the switch from Maxim v4 to v5. After successful FocusMax Acquirestar focus run, I have had several of the following log entries (see below) in ACP when doing the post slew pointing correction.

The pointing update is successful, but the subsequent image is out of focus. This happened this evening on every filter change after the first set of images.

Any Suggestions?


02:05:04 Autofocus finished.
02:05:10 (oops, MaxIm filter changed! Fixing...)
02:05:15 Start slew to ic405...
02:05:16 (wait for slew to complete)
02:05:24 (slew complete)
02:05:24 (doing post-focus pointing update...)
02:05:24 Updating pointing...
02:05:24 Switching from HAlpha to Red filter for pointing exposure
02:05:24 (taking 18 sec. exposure, Red filter, binning = 3)
02:05:49 Image finished
02:05:49 Plate-solve pointing image.
02:05:49 242 image stars found
02:05:50 467 catalog stars found
02:05:50 Solved! 153 stars matched.
02:05:50 Average residual is 0.4 arcsec.
02:05:50 Pointing error is 0.324 arcmin @ angle 32.53
02:05:50 True focal length is 110.3 cm.
02:05:50 True image center (J2000): 05h 16m 30.2s 34 21' 38.41"
02:05:50 Imager sky position angle is 205.7 deg.
02:05:50 [sync] pointing model updated
02:05:50 Within max error tolerance, no re-slew needed.
02:05:50 Target is now centered.
02:05:50 (long exp(s) or requested, no orbital tracking, trying to autoguide)
02:05:50 Switching from Red to HAlpha filter for imaging