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    Default Connection to scope stopped working through ASCOM

    Some recent update has broken connection between ACP and the Mead LX200GPS scope.

    I can connect using the Meade Autostar software, and using The Sky 6 using their built in LX200GPS driver. So the com port is fine.

    I keep getting a time out error. If I try from ACP it give an ACP timeout error, if I try using The Sky API I get an ASCOM serial port helper timeout error.

    Tried updating to ASCOM 5 and the new Meade driver but still no go.

    Couldn't use our 16" scope for our public session tonight because we use ACP to sync the scope and dome, was working last Monday so it's something that happened since then.

    It's Windows XP. Anyone have any ideas? A few hours uninstalling/reinstalling sofware and drivers and it's still acting the same.

    Some improvement, updated to ASCOM 5 again with the latest LX200GPS driver, can get ACP to see the scope as long as auto unpark and auto set time are not checked, get various error messages when those are checked. Guess I'll try updating the firmware on the scope next.

    Updated scope firmware, still no luck. Still get time out errors when the auto time set or auto unpark are checked. Exact message is "Timed out waiting for Received Data", I guess that's coming from the ASCOM driver. I see posts about this from last year but no solutions...
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