I hesitate to bring this up, but I'm wondering if hotfix 9 changed any of the ACP ASCOM connection or hub code.

The reason I ask is related to the "coordinates rejected" errors I described in the "software and drivers" area. As you might recall, I started getting these errors after installing hotfix 9. Several people said that the errors were coming from the AP1200 mount, and suggested that I check my equipment. Even though absolutely nothing had changed, I checked the cables and connectors, and even switched to a different serial port on the PC. Nothing I did made any difference.

Last night I heard from a friend who began experiencing exactly the same "coordinates rejected" errors after installing hotfix 9. As in my situation, nothing in his setup had changed -- only the hotfix installation.

He also told me something I believe is key: His errors occurred only in ACP. If he closed ACP and launched TheSky, connecting directly to the mount via the ASCOM driver, the errors did not occur.

The difference between his setup and mine is that I have TheSky configured to connect to my AP1200 through the ACP ASCOM hub. (As I noted in the original thread, I do this because occasionally I want TheSky open while ACP and FocusMax are connected to the mount.)

I experienced the errors in ACP and in TheSky, but my friend experienced them only in ACP, because he connects TheSky directly to his AP1200.

The common point in this scenario seems to be that the errors occur only when connecting to the AP1200 through or by ACP.

Is it possible that something in hotfix 9 is the cause of these errors?

Mike Dodd
Montpelier, VA USA