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    I am considering purchasing the web interface. I suppose i can do all the same functions with the web interface that i can do locally. Do I have to install and go through some other program to get the computers to talk to each other or can I just use my home network? My Wifi reaches pretty consistently to the shed but the signal occasionally drops. If that happens will ACP shut down sensing a problem occured?


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    Hi Jeff,

    To use the web interface, you just use Explorer, or FireFox, or perhaps some other web browser (I've only used the 1st 2).

    ACP does not require the browser to be connected once you start ACP doing something, such as running a Plan. This allows using ACP remotely over satellite, or some other very slow link. Just start it, then you can disconnect if you want.

    I think you'll find the web interface to be very intuitive. That's what I use. In fact, as I type this, ACP is running out in the backyard in another browser window.




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