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    Default ACP Planner 4.1 Released

    ACP Planner 4.1 is now available. Here are the things that have changed:

    Product Improvements
    1. A new applet, TheSky QuickCapture, has been included. It's function is to quickly retrieve the J2000 coordinates and Position angle from TheSky after setting up a target using a field-of view indicator. The 3 coordinates (RA, Dec, and PA) are used typically for pasting into the Single Image or Color Series forms on the ACP web interface.
    2. It is now possible to import ACP Plans for editing. There are some restrictions on what can be imported, however, so be sure to read Importing an ACP Plan.
    3. The Test button in Preferences now shows a "busy" (hourglass) cursor while waiting for the remote server to respond.
    4. The MiniSAC deep sky database is now installed as part of Planner installation, eliminating the need to separately download and install it.
    Bug Fixes
    1. (4.1) Fixed bug in which ACP plans which specified the last filter in the Preferences list would fail to import
    2. (4.0b) Fixed setup package for 64-bit systems
    3. (4.0a) Fixed setup package to include plan compiler
    4. Catch crash in flat plan sorter for binning > 8
    5. Fix uploading of flat plans, was uploading the observing plan again.
    6. Allow TheSky mosaics with 1x2 or 2x1 geometry.
    7. Specifically check for single frame (1x1) TheSky mosaic, and report that as an error.
    8. No longer put #dawnshutdown in the flatplan. ACP's logic now chains back from flat plan to observing plan, and Planner already puts a #shutdown there, where it is supposed to be.
    9. Support for old ACP 4 plan format has been removed.
    10. The Test button in Preferences is now dimmed out unless there is something in the username, password, and domain fields. This prevents a fatal crash if the domain field is empty.
    11. The preferences login test logic has been improved to prevent a crash if there is a serious problem with the network.
    12. The tool tip on the default flat count in preferences has been corrected. It was wrong due to a textbox cut and paste.
    Here is the download link Just install this on top of your existing Planner, no need to uninstall.
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