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    Default Script failure - Serial port helper

    Something strange happened this morning at the end of an observing plan. According to the log (and the resulting images), the plan completed correctly all the way through the dawn flats. But when ACP tried to park the scope, that operation failed. When I went to the observatory, the scope was pointing toward the trees and ACP was displaying an error message - see the attached screenshot. The end of the log contains these lines:
    10:41:03 Dawn flats completed with status OK
    10:41:03   (turning tracking off for safety)
    10:41:04 == Requested observatory shutdown ==
    10:41:04 Parking scope.
    10:41:39 **Script Error (Tracking has been stopped)**
    10:41:51 Source:  ASCOM Helper Serial Port Object
    10:41:51 Message: Timed out waiting for received data. at line 1771 column 13.
    ACP console log closed 14-Sep-2009 10:42:42 UTC
    Even though the log indicates that tracking was stopped, I don't believe this is true. The scope was pointing toward some northwest trees, and it doesn't seem likely that dawn flats were taken in that position. Does anyone have any idea what happened? It appears that something failed with the serial port to the telescope. This is a direct serial port, not a USB-serial adapter.

    Tonight is supposed to be clear, so I'll try the plan again.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice.
    Montpelier, VA USA
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