Hi Everyone Ė

Iím in search of some suggestions and advice and apologize if this is not the correct forum but there are many of you with the same equipment and thought this would be help. Iím running ACP with my Maxome II board for observatory control. The dome rotation works great but upon using it with a script for multi-target slews I receive the following error:

==== Starting target NGC 3047 ====
Start slew to NGC 3047...
**Script Error (Tracking has been stopped)**
Source: MaxDome.Dome.1
Message: Could not send rotate command at line 2017 column 9.

It appears the command message that Maxdome IIís ASCOM driver sends to the dome controller is not acknowledging a returned response. The driver reports ďCould not send rotate commandĒ since it cannot get a correct acknowledgement from the dome controller.

Iíve been working with the folks at Diffraction Limited who have been terrific with ideas and suggestions. We just canít seem to crack the problem. I checked the following:
1. Bad connections and cables (installed multiple new cables and connections snap in correctly)
2. I captured the port traffic and sent the logs to DL to see if they can determine anything from it

I installed a new USB-to-serial converter from a Belkin to a Quatech as Iíve known many Belkin products to be a little ďflakey.Ē My next idea is to install an internal dual-port serial card to see if this adds any improvement.

The question I have is what are people running from their computers to the Maxdome II board thatís been reliable (especially as youíre running scripts within ACP)? Iím wondering if I have a defective board or if thereís some additional variable that I havenít considered. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and clear skies,