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    Default Live DSO Web cast - for those who are blind to


    The Bareket observatory, Israel - celebrates the international year of astronomy 2009 and invites you to join in.
    Watch images of the heaven taken from the ancient Jerusalem and Judea mountains in Israel.

    During the live event one could listen to live explanations by a U.S astronomer and enjoying a special musical representation to those who are blind !

    Sights such as nebulae, star clusters, planets, and asteroids were captured in real-time using the observatory's remote educational telescope system. The event will cover around 1.5 hours, meaning that participants can drop in and out as required.

    During that time one could even watch the telescope as it capture the wonders of the universe.
    Explanations of the objects being observed provided in English. The special astro-cast is free and open to all, was available during the U.S day time

    The after session movie is now available online-

    (a special European server 2)

    Best regards,
    Bareket observatory, Israel
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