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    Default Weather Monitoring System

    Folks - I'm considering buying an automated system that monitors weather and feeds back data to ACP.

    I would prefer an off-the-shelf configuration rather than a DIY job. I can't solder and my software writing skills are as good as my soldering

    I would like the system to be able to monitor wind, moisture (rain, snow etc), temperature/humidity and cloud cover. It will then interact with ACP and then take appropriate action (i.e. close a dome/roof or even prevent it opening etc).

    The two systems I've seen on the net and seem to be used to a greater/lesser extent are the Boltwood II sensor and Foster Systems stuff (

    Any thoughts, experiences, comments, feedback would be appreciated.


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    I have an AAG Cloud Sensor I am happy with

    Perhaps I went a little overboard, but I got a Davis Vantage Pro+ Weather Station.

    AAG has free software that consolidates inputs from both sources then sends a safe/unsafe to ACP.
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