I have been seeing some strange behavior with my CP02 AP900 that doesn't occur with my CP03 AP1200 and am wondering if there is a proceedural problem with how I am setting the AP900 up.


AP900 - CP02 set up to get its initialization from the Computer (XP) In fact the keypad may, or may not be connected. Results are the same regardless. After a nights imaging I shut it down in the usual manner. Park mount, warm camera - etc etc. Disconnect all devices via software and shutdown the computer. Up to this point everything works as advertised, and in fact, operates exactly like my Observatory mounted AP1200.

On the next night I power up the mount, the PC, camera etc etc and reconnect via software as usual. The very first slew, 100% of the time is completely wrong and it will *not* plate solve or otherwise operate correctly until I "Resync" on a known bright star. This completely baffles me because the observatory computer operates correctly night after night.

I do know from a conversation with AP that the CP02 will not retain the Time/Date or difference from GMT. The CP03 will. I also know that if I AUTOConnect via the mounts keypad the mount is fine and points fine.

So here I stand, hat in hand, pleading for someone to explain this behavior or even better, provide a workable solution.

Best Regards