Bob, Stevie and all,

I have been having a lot of fun with ACP and my setup. Still baby stepping through the getting started section in the help files but I did get some successful automated images last Saturday night through my TOA-130 and Canon 400D and an AP 1200 and a ED 80 guide scope with a MX7C for a guiding camera. Phew lots of verbage!! LOL!! I was thrilled when I just typed in M 104 in the web browser and the mount flipped and successfully found,focused and guided for a 60 sec. exposure. WOW! Then typing M 105 and M 57 I was able to repeat. Yeah I know only 60 secs. though this is a first step. Still have some tweaking though I think I am well on my way!!! Thanks for all your work on making an awesome astroimaging package!


Ken Tydeck