Hi all,

I've had a very interesting, or should I say embarassing, experience in posing an ill-formed problem question to the wrong group - the LX200 Yahoo Group. The question was this:
Every night when I return to the telescope for the evening and turn it on, the settings from the previous "parked" position are lost. Upon starting up, the telescope readouts say RA=0, Dec=0 even though the telescope is aiming low to the southwest (and nowhere near RA=0; Dec=0). The clock is correct, and the sidereal time is correct, but the telescope will not retain the position/pointing information after turning the telescope off. I don't know whether the PEC data is lost. This sounds like it should be a CMOS battery problem. Is it? Is there a second replaceable battery somewhere else in the innards of the telescope base?
If you're subscribed to that group, you can read the meandering responses and new topics that various writers introduced into the thread. I realize (now) this was a rather stupid question to have posed on that forum, especially because I really already knew the answer and shouldn't have asked about it the way I did. The answer is that the LX200 Classic does not "park," as many were quick to point out. In this forum we know better, of course, that ACP can drive the telescope to a certain alt/az and park it there.

There indeed is an EPROM device on the LX200 Classic that keeps some information, such as observer latitude, between power on/off cycles, but the "park" position is not part of that. And the only non-storage-based persistent feature is that the diurnal and sidereal clocks are kept running by a CMOS battery.

I still have the same question, however. Sometimes, not always but often enough to be bothersome, when I power on the telescope, power on ACP and then "connect the telescope," ACP's readout will have the wrong values for the RA and Dec, that is, RA=0 & Dec=0, and thus crazy wrong Alt/Az values, and I don't understand why this is so. The result is that I have to be at the telescope to manually slew it to a bright star, center it and resync the telescope manually. Once it's close, I can use the SyncScope script to get it right on. But this is bad news for remote observing!

My question is really, what communication goes on and in what order between ACP and the telescope (in my case the Meade) at connect time that captures, or computes, the parked position of the telescope and presents that information in the console readouts? Somewhere this sequence is failing for me. The correct values of the "park" alt/az are in the ASCOM/Telescope/MeadeEx.Telescope registry. Somehow, in my case, the communication is getting messed up.

Thanks in advance for any enlightenment.